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Thailand plans to reopen tourism visits by October

Thailand's Ministry of Tourism has committed to carry the first group of international visitors to Bangkok as their main destination. The Ministry wishes tourism companies to be thoroughly trained with respect to marketing strategies. If the visa process is done, Tourists can visit by October 1. The 14 days of mandatory quarantine should be done in Bangkok. International flights will be reduced to three flights a week during the first phase of re-opening, with 100 visitors a flight or 1,200 visitors per month

Kosovo welcomes tourists with zero restrictions

Southeast European country Kosovo has lifted all the restrictions associated with Covid-19 for visitors. Pristina airport is reopened for international arrivals. Visitors are expected to follow the regular immigration rules. No need to bring the negatively tested Covid-19 result and no mandatory quarantine. There are no regulation changes in visa exempted countries includes: All of the EU nations, the USA, UK, Canada, Australia

England added Thailand and Singapore to the quarantine safe list

Visitors from Thailand and Singapore will no longer undergo 14 days of mandatory quarantine. Both countries are now also excluded from global advisory services by the Foreign & Commonwealth Officer against any "non - necessary travel." After all, both Guadeloupe and Slovenia have been named to the required quarantine list. All travelers, while arrival, must submit the complete passenger locator form

Hong Kong is taking the first tentative measures in the re-opening of the tourism industry

The Hong Kong Tourism Board has commenced to steadily restart promotions in regional and source markets as it aims to revive the industry through a mix of short-and long-term plans. Locally, the tourism industry is re-starting promotions with a "Holiday at Home" campaign intended to create a happy environment and promote consumption. The mainland, the Greater Bay Area, and also some markets are expected to be open for travel fairly soon, and HKTB is organizing promotions and strategic deals towards these markets

Alaska Railroad - The Aurora Winter Train Service is all set to begin

Alaska Railroad is pleased to announce the commencement of its iconic winter commuter service on the Aurora Winter Train from 19 September to mid-May 2021. The Aurora Winter Train runs on weekends from Anchorage to Fairbanks, embarks on a 12-hour trip to the north on Saturdays, and returns on Sundays. Trains in midweek will be available in December, February, and March. Face covers are needed to enter the Alaska Railroad depots as well as board trains

Thailand's tourism is eager to reopen borders to certain countries

Tourism Thailand is all set to welcome visitors from the low Covid-19 infected countries to visit the Southeast Asian countries without a mandatory quarantine. The quarantine exemption would be aimed mainly at Asian travelers who do not typically stay longer than two weeks. For visitors planning to stay up to 270 days, have to undergo mandatory 14 days quarantine at the accommodation place/ Hotel

Turkey becomes the leading destination for tourists from Russia.

The number of visitors in September is expected to increase than the visitors in August. Turkey has even been a favourite destination for Russian tourists in the last year, also with nearly seven million visitors. Increase in visitors because of its sun shining beaches and historical attractions. Turkey's Culture and Tourism Ministry is providing safe holidays with strict precautions to control the spread of Covid-19

United Airlines adding an antimicrobial coating to improve safety

United Airlines announced the inclusion of an EPA-registered antimicrobial coating layer to its already stringent protection and cleaning procedures. The airline is now applying the Zoono Microbe Shield to more than 30 flights based at O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, every week for seats, trays, headrest, overhead bins, toilet facilities, and crew stations. The layer will act as additional prevention that complements the current electrostatic spraying procedure of United prior to departure.

Things to remember before flying to the Caribbean Islands

Many of the Caribbean Islands are closed to visitors because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now some of the islands are allowing visitors as a part of rebuilding the tourism activities. A negative Covid-19 tested result taken within three to five days is mandatory for visitors in most of the Caribbean nations. But the Dominican Republic allows entering the airport without Covid-19 negative test results to enter the country. Peoples from the Barbados and Bahamas need to quarantine for 14 days

US Virgin Islands to reopens for visitors

The US Virgin Islands will reopen its gates to overseas travelers as of September 19, as per a post on the government's website for tourism. Territorial officials started authorizing hotels and lodging suppliers to make new travel arrangements on September 12. The reopen takes place after the government shuts the borders for travelers on August 17. Visitors staying more than seven days or traveling from high Covid-19 risk areas must bring negatively tested Covid-19 results